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Gasoline Pumps

L I G H T   P E T R O L E U M

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Light Petroleum Corporation ("Light Petroleum") was created to handle the supply and distribution of quality fuels and services for the hospitality sector, transport sector, and the general motoring public.

Eventually redesigned as Light Fuels, the company aims to construct and operate several service stations strategically located in different areas of Metro Cebu. Each service station shall be equipped with high quality petroleum products, car-care services, and other convenience facilities for the transient motorists.

In photos: Architect's perspective of Light Fuels' service station located at A.C. Cortes Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu

With Cebu’s rapid development in transport and infrastructure, Light Fuels’ long-term plan is to be recognized as a notable and valuable player in the region and, eventually, in the entire Philippine petroleum industry.


Light Fuels further envisions to incorporate state of the art technological systems and applications in its services to achieve greater competitive advantage.

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