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Blurred Business People

O U R   L E A D E R S

Meet the team taking the lead and giving direction to Topline's overall growth and success.

Eugene Erik Lapasaran Lim.png

Eugene Erik C. Lapasaran Lim

Chairman, President and CEO

Suzanne Dorothy Lapasaran Lim.png
Brigitte Mueller.jpg

Dr. Suzanne Dorothy C. Lapasaran Lim

Brigitte Carmel C. Lim

Director and Corporate Secretary

Director and Vice President

for Operations

Constance Lim.png

Atty. Constance Marie C. Lim, CPA

Director, Comptroller and Treasurer

Constancia Lim.png

Atty. Ma. Constancia C. Lim


Eugene Lapasaran Lim.png

Eugene L. Lapasaran Lim


Alice Ingles.png

Atty. Ma. Alice L. Ingles


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