Topline Business manages its core business interests within the organization, and oversees its other business interests through its subsidiaries and affiliates in the segments of food, inter-island marine transport, commercial and ports development.

Affiliates and Subsidiaries

  • Topline Properties and Viking Land (2018) is Topline’s arm for commercial property development and leasing. It is currently developing a Community mall slated for opening in the middle of 2022.


  • Topline Transport (2018) deals with fuel distribution and logistics catering to corporate industrial accounts consisting of shipping companies, in-land cargo and forwarding, passenger bus companies, construction companies, manufacturing plants, fishing vessels, as well as petrol refilling stations.

  • Topline Marina (2018) develops and operates passenger ports within Metro Cebu in cooperation with the Cebu Ports Authority. The ports development also contains commercial strips for food and convenience shopping. It is also offered to operate the passenger terminal of a huge mall development right at the heart of Cebu in a joint undertaking with a premier private operator of airports in the country.

  • Topline Global (2019) Topline’s international office is located at the heart of London, and is the international investment arm of the company.

  • Topline Hi Tech (2019) is into the development of system applications for business processes. Presently, it handles the cashless payment system for Topline Marina passengers. Within the year, it will also operate the centralized automated ticketing system for Cebu South Bus Terminal catering to around 500 buses and passenger traffic of 30,000 per day. Similarly , it is also going to run the first automated fare collection system in Cebu City for the buses plying within the inter-city routes using the Top Card.

  • Topline Energy (2020) Topline aggressively partners up with the leading LNG company in the world based in Houston USA, Excelerate Energy, to bring clean energy into the Philippines.